Photo Contest Submission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in our Photo Contest.
Do you have photos you love, from your youth? Would you like to share these great photos with others? Would you like these photos to be published in Suzanne Sherman’s upcoming book “100 Years in the Life of an American Girl: True Stories 1910-2010”? If so, please read the requirements below, dust off those old photo albums & begin your walk down memory lane.


Winners of the Photo Contest will receive:

  • A text credit in the book.
  • Publication of their photos in the book.
  • An author-signed copy of the book, upon publication.


The requirements for consideration of your photos are as follows:

  • Photo must be owned by you or you must have permission to use it in publication.
  • Photos must be between the years of 1910 & 2010, though we are primarily seeking photos that are not very current.
  • Photos must be of girls between the ages of ? & ?.
  • Photos may contain people other than girls of requested age, though the girl[s] must be the primary subject of photo.
  • You must have a hard copy [actual photo] OR a high-resolution [300dpi] electronic version OR be able to obtain such a file.


If your photo is chosen as a winner, you must be willing to grant the author/publisher permission to print it in/on the publication of this book.

If selected, all winners will be notified by the author via e-mail.

We look forward to viewing all these nostalgic memories. Thank you!

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