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There are many good options for getting your book published. You can self-publish digitally and/or in print with a reputable print-on-demand publisher, use a hybrid publisher, or get a contract with an appropriate traditional publisher. If your book has commercial potential and you’re interested in traditional publishing, I can help you do what’s needed to take the necessary steps.

A 1-hour consultation with me can save you a lot of time. I’ll outline the pros and cons of each path—traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing—and help you understand and begin to navigate the publishing field.

Besides considering your prospects and guiding you in the best direction to suit your  needs, I also can review your book title as part of the consultation. Book titles are essential in the sale of your book no matter what publishing route you choose.

By the end of our call you’ll have a manageable set of specific next steps to pursue the publishing path that’s right for you.

Some Common Topics in Publishing Consultations
Should I Use a Traditional Publisher or Self-Publish?

After I learn about your project and your experience, I’ll explain the primary benefits of these publishing options and help you determine the publishing route that would suit you best. I’ll help you consider your goals and articulate your strengths as a writer as part of this determination.

Does My Book Sound Like It Could Have Commercial Success?

We’ll discuss your book’s commercial potential. Having commercial potential is important if you are choosing traditional publishing. I’ll share success stories of clients who have taken this route and give you helpful tips as you pursue your publishing path.

Which Self-Publishing Services Are Best to Use?

It’s a fast-changing world in publishing, with a number of services available to writers. I’ll help you understand the primary and most reputable available services and help you determine which could be the most valuable for you. If you choose print-on-demand (POD)—Create Space (Amazon) or Ingram Spark—I’ll give you helpful information about the advantages of using either or using both simultaneously. And what are the benefits of using a POD over using a printer and getting a small print-run? I’ll give you information on that, and more.

How Do I Create a Professional-Looking Self-Published Book?

It’s important for book sales to have a book on the market that looks professionally produced—in every way. We’ll discuss what that means and which steps you need to take to produce a book that not only reads well but looks professionally produced. I can give you names of reputable freelancers who specialize in book covers, interior design, and interior formatting, and recommend marketing and publicity outlets and specialists.

What’s Needed for Marketing and Promoting My Book?

In a 1-hour call devoted to the subject of marketing and promotion we will cover strategies that can benefit you regardless of the publishing option you choose, as all publishing avenues require this of authors. We’ll discuss book launch methods and what’s recommended for a successful launch of your book and review the timeline for pre-publication so you can prepare. I’ll share useful resources, too, to help you succeed.

Determine the Right Publishing Path for You
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About Suzanne

Suzanne Sherman has been a publishing professional in various capacities since 1983 and has specialized in memoir for over 20 years. Her clients have published with Wiley & Sons, Chronicle Books, Ten Speed Press, Monkfish Publishing, Freethought Press, and more. With her guidance, clients who preferred a small print run of their books to distribute as they liked have used a printer, many have successfully self-published, and several have put their books into the market with the help of a hybrid publisher. READ MORE »

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