Memoir & Nonfiction Writing Coach

I help writers in various stages of work on their books in coaching sessions done by phone or Skype, in weekly or bimonthly 30- or 60-minute sessions. The topics of our coaching sessions are individualized to suit writers’ needs.

My coaching clients include writers considering a book idea who need guidance with planning their book to make sure it’s viable. For writers in these early stages I offer creative solutions for drawing the storyline from out of a situation if that’s needed and help writers outline their books, identifying the key turning points to build the story around. Writers struggling with a first draft benefit by working with me for such issues as identifying the themes in their memoir and drawing them through the book or strengthening the narrative arc.

A skilled coach can be helpful, too, with reviewing chapters as they’re written to help writers stay true to their outline or stated goals for their book, maintain a consistent tone, and use a good balance of scene and narration. Chapter review can be done in coaching sessions with written material sent to me in advance of our meeting and our call devoted to discussion of that material and/or my notes on it. With memoir topics can include craft concerns on such topics as writing dialog, expressing character, and constructing scenes.

For nonfiction writers, coaching sessions in the early stages of writing a book are great for solidifying the structure and preparing a stellar outline to  follow as they write.

But these are just some of the ways I help writers in coaching sessions. Our topics vary depending on a writer’s wishes and needs.

How Coaching Is Done

Coaching sessions take place by phone or in my online office using Zoom, a free online video conferencing service, or Skype. The meetings are 1x week or 2x month in 30- or 60-minute sessions and held at a regular, repeating time that works with your schedule.

What Coaching Sessions Include

A scheduled 30- or 60-minute weekly or bimonthly call for discussion of any topic of the author’s choice at a regular, repeating time.

Review of any writing emailed in advance of our scheduled call (materials sent ahead of a scheduled meeting are billed in 30- and 60-minute increments separately from the call).

Video or audio recordings of our sessions emailed to you (if done on Zoom).

What Coaching Sessions Do Not Include

I do not edit your writing. Please see my editing services if you’d like that kind of help.

I do not act as an agent for your book, though I am happy to provide resources for you to pursue.


Coaching is paid upfront in multiple-hour packages or by the hour.

Coaching Packages (may be used in 30- and 60-minute sessions)
Silver Package: 3 hours: $495
Premium Package: 6 hours: $895

Hourly coaching: $175.

CONTACT ME to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the best coaching plan for you.


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