Treasures of the Day: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Get a new view with your Memoir Writing.

You’ll never see things the same way again.

Every day is a little different when you explore the world creatively. In this online program, weekly topics give you a new way of noticing the special moments, like the way sunlight streams through window glass or a reflection shimmers in a rain puddle. Snap a photo of your find, write a few lines it inspires, and post the photo and writing to the group site to share with other Treasure Hunters. I’ll comment on postings as you explore your world creatively, and you can check out and comment on everyone’s treasures, too. The members-only site keeps the class a community you’ll get to know.

I started Treasure Hunting in January 2012 and blogged about the treasures I found in every day. In February I hunted for sounds to portray in image and describe in words. In March it was repeating patterns. I discovered wonders are everywhere. They sparked my day. I woke every morning inspired, wondering what the treasure that day would be. It was like having a good secret to carry around. When the treasure showed up, I snapped shots of it for my blog. Photographing it and then writing from the photo led to more juicy, unexpected layers. This e-course gives you a chance to do it, too.

How It Works

Every Monday you’ll get your topic of the week in your email inbox along with six suggestions for the hunt. Use any that appeal, or use your own. Detailed instructions for posting your short writings and/or photos on the members-only site will be supplied when you enroll, along with guidelines on posting and commenting. Post every day or post just once a week to be an active part of the group.

The Writings

Writings can be as short as a single sentence, a phrase, even just a photo caption, or they can be poems or short writings of up to 350 words.

The Photographs

Do you have a camera on your phone? A Polaroid and a scanner? All that’s required is the photos you post be original and that they illustrate the Treasure you’ve discovered. The image can be literal — exactly what you see — or abstract, the sense of it, a picture of the impression it made on you.

Weekly topics will include:

  • Entrances
  • Reflections
  • Morning
  • Overhead
  • Wabi-Sabi (The Beauty in Decline)

Every session will feature new topics for the treasure hunt, so you can take the e-course as many times as you like and build community around the world.

Treasures of the Day: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

  • 8 weeks:  $100
  • PayPal and Cashier’s Checks accepted.
  • Details for posting emailed on enrollment.


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